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Pan City Solutions

The pan city proposal for Puducherry strives at improving the heritage legacy of this beautiful town in three strategic concepts, Smart Tourism, Smart Experience and Smart Control. The proposed project cost for pan solution is INR 194.19 Cr.

Smart tourism: State of the art internet and mobile friendly e-portals, apps and websites that connect and provide information and other convenient services, thus improving (i) healthy and significant rise in tourism and all the benefits that come with it contributing back to the city (ii) the beautification and ideal growth trajectory on a holistic level, especially given the size advantage of Puducherry.

Smart experience: The city effective rapid transit initiatives can be equally beneficial to residents, tourists and imageability for the city. Effective traffic management of hubs and nodal points will ensure sustained long term benefit for the city. NMT in multiple locations can be considered enhancing bringing back personal engagement with the beauty it has to offer.

Smart Control: An advanced digital platform, Command & Control Centre (CCC) integrated with multiple operations of the city is necessary for the flawless, efficient, easy and smart management, surveillance and utility operational requirements.

  1. SMART TOURISM AND CITY BRANDING: Proposed for project cost of INR 4.66 includes Creation of online/mobile-based platform to facilitate incoming tourists and visitors to Puducherry and a useful information/learning tool about the city. Smart kiosks placed at strategic locations to engage with the tourists and residents at personal level.
    E-Portal / Mobile apps / Media Partners / PPP sites share the given information making Tourism a better gateway to the city's income
  2. NMT AND LAST MILE CONNECTIVITY: Proposed for project cost of INR 79.28 includes Cycle sharing system, Intelligent Traffic Management, On street parking management, Unified Payment Card for all services- 'Pondy Pass'
  3. COMMAND & CONTROL CENTRE (CCC): Proposed for project cost of INR 110.25 includes an advanced city level application integrated system to operate and manage multiple city service operations at a unified station associated with a data farm / server with components / applications like Surveillance, Safety, Security and Law & Order, ATCS (Area Traffic Control System) across major junctions, Intelligent Traffic    Management, Intelligent Red Light Violation System (iRIDS), Recognition (ANPR) system and cameras, Variable Message Sign Boards (VMS), Public Transport Management & Fleet Monitoring, Management Of Utilities, Quantification of services, SCADA network, Smart water networking, Water level indicators & water quality meters, Digital Address System, Emergency Response System, Asset Management, Air Quality Monitoring, E-Governance including complaint redressal system, online payments and data  management.

Together, the Smart Mission of Puducherry and citizens believe each of these above proposed solutions and projects are self-sustainable that are essential for Puducherry city to uplift the quality of life and improve the economy of Puducherry as well.